South Indian Bank launches video KYC account opening

South Indian Bank has rolled out Video KYC Accounting Opening. This digital initiative helps the customer open an account through a video call just with the help of PAN and Aadhaar number of the customer.

Video KYC is a hassle-free mode of account opening which allows the customer to open an account fully online, completing all KYC procedures instantly. KYC documents are verified, and the signature and photograph are captured in the process. Customers can initiate Video KYC Account Opening by visiting . The link will be available in the pre-login page of SIB Mirror+ (Bank’s mobile App) and also in the bank’s website.

Video KYC Account Opening is an Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition Technology based account opening process. Customers need to enter their Aadhaar number and PAN in the website. Once the Aadhaar authentication is complete, they will have to input personal details and schedule a video call to complete the KYC process. On successful completion of Video KYC, the account will be automatically opened.

“Video KYC Account Opening eases the account opening process in the pandemic situation and will enhance the digital drive of South Indian Bank,” said Murali Ramakrishnan, Managing Director and CEO.

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