Do you need a use car loan/use car finance/ Loan against Car?

Why we get Loan Against Car or  Used Car Loan?

Did you know you could use your car to raise funds from Bank/Nbfc which can further be used for various purposes like for renovating your house, for a wedding, for higher education or a foreign trip. for a medical emergency, You just need to apply for a loan against your car and you can get a loan of up to 160% of current valuation of your car at an attractive Interest Rate

Features of Loan Against Car and Used Car Loan:-

Get high value loans up to 160% funding

An attractive Rate of interest

Use funds for any financial requirement

Eligibility for Loan Against Car or Car Loan:-

The following people are eligible to apply for a loan against car:-

For Salaried Individuals:-

For Self Employed Individuals

Documents required for Loan Against Car / Used Car

For Salaried Individuals:-

  1. KYC documents
  2. Salary Slip(last 3 months)
  3. Salary account statement (3 Month)
  4. Latest 2-year form -16
  5. Copy of RC

For Self Employed Individuals

  1. KYC documents
  2. PAN Card
  3. Last 2 year’s ITR
  4. Latest Bank account statement ( 6 Months)
  5. Copy of RC

Some Indian Bank and NBFC

Privacy and Policy

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