Pradhanmantri Mudra Loan Yojana

Mudra Loan

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan

Mudra loan is a loan given to small businesses under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. That is, there non-farming (non-agriculture) sector and there should be a non-corporate (micro and small industry). The loan tax limit in this is Rs 50000/- to Rs 1000000/- .

How many types of loans the government is giving in Mudra loan, so first of all they have kept the maximum amount in it. 10 lakhs under this scheme. You will not get more than that. There are three types of government loans in this. The first is Shishu Loan. Second Kishore Loan. Third Tarun Loan.

Shishu Loan:- Shishu Loan  Means that is the business in which the loan requirement is  Rs 50000/- .

Kishore Loan:- Kishore Loan i.e. Kishore Loan takes loan Rs 50000/- to Rs 500000/- .

Tarun Loan : Rs 500000/- to Rs 1000000/-  If you are taking a loan between

In this and there is no processing fee for Kishor loan. But there if you fall in the category of youth. That Rs 500000/- to Rs 1000000/-  is, if you have a loan requirement between 0.5% Abdul loan amount.

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Mudra Loan Eligibility

First of all people say that this is my shop., yes, you can take a loan. You can also take new and you can also take existing. What will be your repayment period, so 3 years to 5 years i.e. loan  3 years and maximum 5 . Who are eligible to avail Mudra Loan? What is the eligibility, who will get the loan. Let’s know about it. If you want to start a very initial stage business, which does not require a lot of money. Want to do some other work? What will be the requirement in this? machinery if you are taking. If you have any small, then its quotation will be required and if you have made any kind of purchase, then you will have to pay the invoice for it. Apart from this, if you have purchased from someone, in which from the supplier, then you will also have to give its details from whom you are buying.

Your teen is more in vogue in Kishore Rs 500000/- Loan up toIf you want to do business in this small scale, then you Rs 500000/-  will get a loan of up toThere is a provision of loans in the Kishor category for those who want to grow the existing business. Like if you set up a shop, but if you want us to do another shop or if you were doing car work. If you want to take a commercial vehicle, if we buy another car,  then  In that case, if you want, you can take it as a loan.

Benefits of Mudra Yojana: –

Mudra loan is free without security or collateral.

There is no processing fee levied on Shishu loans that can be availed under Mudra Loans.

charged on Kishore loan and Tarun loan, which is merged under Mudra loan, 0.50% processing fee is

Mudra loan is available for 3 years which can be extended to 5 years.

Women get Mudra loan easily. 

If you want to take Mudra loan easily, then apply in the name of any woman in your house. Loan will be available quickly and easily. It has often been seen that 100 people have got a loan, then 75% of the ratio is of women , because the government is paying more attention towards women empowerment.

From which institution can Mudra loan be taken?

  • By Public Banks
  • Private or Private Bank
  • Regional Rural Banks (Rural Region Banks)
  • through Co-Operative Banks
  • (Micro Finance co.)
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFC’s)by

Documents required for Mudra Loan: – (Document required for Mudra Loan in hindi)

Not much document will be required for Shishu loan. Only PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Address Proof. But for Kishore Loan and Tarun Loan, the following documents will be required.

Required Documents:
Identity Proof Identity Card PAN Card / Driving License / Passport / Voter / Aadhar Card
Address Proof Passport / Driving License / Voter ID / Aadhar Card / Utility Bill / Bank Details / Bank Account Passbook (Updated and 2 Months) Not Old) )
Ownership Proof Contract Copy / Electricity Bill / Maintenance Bill with Share Certificate / Municipal Tax Bill / Share Certificate
Business Continuity Proof / Office Address Proof / Company KYC Shop Establishment Certificate / Tax Registration-VAT / Service Tax /GST Registration/Company PAN Card 
Firm Constitution MoA , AOAPartner Ship Deed, GST Registration Certificate, Company PAN Card 
Financials 1. Latest Two Years Financials (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss , Immovable Property, Depreciation,, All Schedule 2. Latest Tax Audit Report.
Banking Bank Statement (Business Accounts) for the last six months
Office Address Proof / Company KYC Shop and Establishment Certificate/Tax Registration-VAT/Service Tax/GST Registration


It is more important for you to take the project report. All these things happen in a project report. This can basically be done only through Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries. any personal person  Couldn’t make it. your in  Tarun Loan  Rs 1000000/- There can be loan sanction up tobut there are some criteria for that. He has to follow up.

Secondly, if you fall in any special cast category other than that  If so, you will have to give its certificate as well. Without this project report, he will not give you loan. Otherwise, make a project report. The project report should be yours and let me tell you. Many people do not get loans because their project reports are not worth it. The reason behind this is that we are not able to fulfill our documents according to the bank’s criteria and standards. That’s why the banks reject your loan. You must carry a kind of project report  badly needed.

Will the interest payment have to be paid for the Mudra loan as well, whether this term  Loan  It’s the same. In this also you will have to pay interest to the bank. This rate may be different for different banks.

Does it require security? Any kind of quattrol is a must. The government has said that no quality control or security of any kind is necessary.

Let us know about some industries which can get Mudra loan.

Transport and Services :-

You also get Mudra loan for doing business related to transport. If you want to buy photo machine. Battery rickshaw etc. Work on it if you want to. Taxi done. Got a three wheeler. If there is a tractor etc., then you must take advantage of this loan, it is second. This is your community. Social and personal service activities like if you want to open a beauty parlor. Some people have a question that sir I have a beauty parlor and here to open a beauty parlor gym boutique tailor’s shop. Have to do dry cleaning work. Motorcycle repairing work. Your photocopy if you have to work. To open a machine shop. If you want to become a courier agent Agra, then you are done taking a loan from Mudra Loan.

Related to food product: – In

this your food products like if you are doing any kind of activity in it. Making papad from late. Pickle making activity. Making papad from late. The pickle making, production, preservation and rural level are doing minor work. Sweet shop is yours or some food stall if you open.

Related to Textile: –

In this your textile activity like handloom has become. The power loomed, etc. Activity took place. If you are doing this type of work or if you are doing traditional embroidery work. Printing work etc. If you are doing designing work. Trade & Shopkeeper.

Related to micro enterprise :-

Want to open micro enterprise and for that you need machine. Like a lathe machine. If you want a state machine etc., then you can take a loan from here. Apart from this, allied services of agriculture are like this. Let’s say you PC as an example. Fish farming poultry live stock got delayed. Been free. Agri Business Center You can get loan in Mudra Loan. Let me talk about how to approach for a loan. What could be the way. See

If you are going to take a loan under any scheme, then you have to go to a professional way, you will have to prepare in terms of documents. You must carry a detailed project report. Bank does not give loan without project report. For this you need a detailed project report.  It takes a lot of time to prepare a detail project report.


There are three types of government loans. The first is Shishu Loan. Second Kishore Loan. Third Tarun Loan.
Yes, women get Mudra loan easily than men.
1: Mudra loan is free without security or collateral. 2:- No processing fee is levied on Shishu loan that is merged under Mudra loan. 3: -Only 0.50% processing fee is charged on Kishore loan and Tarun loan which is merged under Mudra loan, which is a lot of work. 4:- Mudra loan is available for 3 years which can be increased to 5 years.
1: - By Public Banks (PSUs). 2:- By private or private bank. 3:-By Regional Rural Banks. 4: - By Co-Operative Banks. 5: - By microfinance institutions (Micro Finance co.). 6:-By Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFC's).
In Mudra loan, loan is available from Rs 50000 to Rs 1000000.
Shishu loan in which loan up to Rs 50000/- can be taken.
In Kishor loan, he takes loan from Rs 50000/- to Rs 500000/-.
In Tarun Loan, you can take a loan between Rs 500000/- to Rs 1000000/-.

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